Welcome to Sphinx Tex.

Sphinx Tex. is one of the companies aiming to improve the quality of products in the textile industry; we do not accept the quality of less than 95%. We produce high quality cotton textile products, so we all the time keep pace with new technology of Egyptian textile industry.

All the company's departments of textile, dyeing, finishing, embroidery, testing and packaging have efficient engineers and technicians, also we have modern machinery. In addition to that, ours is one of the companies aiming at community development and participation in building up human.

The company has regular training for our personnel to learn everything. We always try to achieve our mission for the sake of our customers, we consider our customers as an integral part of the company's success. As for us, honesty and trust are the most powerful links between us and our customers; they are the best ways for work and finding solutions.


Our Products

Towels - 100%
Beach Towels - 100%
Bathrobes - 97%
Bed Cover - 95%